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About Us

The Mytilenian Brotherhood is an organisation consisting of many members, from various villages across the island of Lesvos (Mytilene), in Greece. The Mytilenian Brotherhood was established in 1925, and is growing rapidly today.

The first president was Mr. Asproloupis, who was born in Plomari. From 1925, many presidents and executive committee's went through the Mytilenian Brotherhood. Every one of them worked for one goal, to obtain our own premises.

In 1981, the Executive Committee of the time, with the majority of the votes from the members of the Brotherhood bought the old Canterbury cinema, in the lovely suburb of Canterbury, next to the Cooks River. The old Canterbury cinema was renovated and its name was changed to the "Mytilenian House" As a result the Mytilenian Brotherhood obtained its permanent residence, the house of all Mytilenians. At the Mytilenian house from 1981 to now Mytilenians meet and have various functions holding tight the Mytilenian culture and traditions, that are slowly dissolving away as generations pass.

The Mytilenian Brotherhood invites many people from Greece, people from the world of Music, arts and politics that are from Mytilenian heritage to present their work to the Mytilenians of the Diaspora here in Sydney and NSW.

The Mytilenian Brotherhood is always in the front line supporting those in need, organising charity events and supporting our common rights in political issues such as the Macedonian, the Cypriot invasion, the Balkanian issues and supports the continuation of the teaching of the Greek language at educational institutions in Australia.

The Mytilenian Brotherhood is also a founding member of the Pan-Lesvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand and also a member of the Aegean Islands Federation of Sydney And NSW. Also as part of the Mytilenian Brotherhood is the Ladies Auxiliary, compromising of women who organise many functions and charities supporting the Mytilenian culture and tradition that will remain for the generations to come, our children and grandchildren.

A number of events are organsied throughout the year at the Mytilenian House including:

1) New Year's Eve Dance
2) Mother's Day Dance
3) Father's Day Dance
4) Mytilenian Independance Day Annual Ball
5) The Sardine Feast

6) Tarvena Nights hosted throughout the year.
7) Palm Sunday Fish Lunchen

Anyone from Mytilenian background is welcomed to become a member of the Brotherhood. Please contact the Board of Directors for further information.

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